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Lake Wilson Hawaii Conditions

Fishing Report 7-28 Lake Wilson Hawaii

Launched 8-1:30 WT 74 at the Falls 84 main lake, Stained 2ft vis, BP 29.90, Wind 4.3 ENE, Landed a Ton of Fish!! Bunch of nice size Peacock 2-3lbs and a nice 5lbs. Bunch of Largemouth nice size 2lbs average and a Red Devil and Small Mouth Bass up at the Falls. We were using the KONA Minnow and fishing schooling Peacock and Largemouth bass. The KONA Minnow gives you Distance coverage and a top water look like running shad or a dieing shad. We use the minnow for far schooling and KONA Fry in Snow Flake color for close schooling by the boat. The "K Fry" minic's the Shad exact! But limits casting distance. These lures are available at Sawada's Store on N.Cane st Wahiawa.  We Also use a Hawaii Legal 2 hook finesse Alabama rig.