Custom plastic lures straight from Honolulu, Hawaii. We have been pouring soft plastic lures for over 16 years. All of our lures are impregnated with a Kona Coffee scent made here in Oahu, Hawaii.

Hand Poured and Injected Plastic Techniques

Hand Pouring lures will give you a super soft lure giving it a more realist look. Injecting Lures such as the Craw has the same super soft properties, and small realist appendages. 

We test all our lures at Lake Wilson Oahu Hawaii. Peacock Bass and Largemouth Bass lures are tested time and time again. Purchase our Lake Wilson Lure Package, and I'll take you out as my friend to show you how they work!!! Jeff Choi

Creators of Sex Panther, a Fish attractant and lure conditioner. It comes in Garlic and Kona Coffee scent. 

A New Generation of Custom Soft Plastic's

Custom Made Lures From Honolulu, Hawaii 

We make custom soft plastic lures for Bass and all types of fish. We have been pouring plastic's for over 16 years and have used all types of pouring techniques. We have several lures and colors here for sell, but can make anything you want for just any extra $2 a pack. Email Jeff at for any question. Free Shipping!!!

Our Products:

  • The Big Stick 5.5"
  • The Filthy Craw
  • The Filthy Treat Worm 6"
  • The Kona Minnow
  • The Filthy Ring Fry
  • The Filthy Lizzard
  • Sex Panther Fish Attractant
  • The SS Stick 2"
  • The Kona Fry 2"

Filthyfishermen Bait Co 

Peacock Bass Fishing Lake Wilson Hawaii

All of our lures are tested on the Freshwater's on the island of Oahu at Lake Wilson in Wahiawa located in middle of the island. Lake Wilson was built in 1905-06 by damming up the north and south fork of Kaukonahua Stream for sugarcane irrigation.  In the late 1950's "Peacock Bass were introduced into the lake as well as Largemouth Bass from Kentucky.  Purchasing The Lake Wilson Lure Package will give you a Free fishing day with Jeff Choi! They run $275 to $350. Email Jeff at


 Hawaiian Bass Lures

Peacock Bass Fishing Lake Wilson Hawaii

"Sex Panther" Fish Attractant / Lure Conditioner