The Filthy Craw 3.5" 

The Filthy Craw is my killer crawfish imitator. It can be used in all applications. 

Coffee Scent. 8 pk Color Pumpkin 

The Filthy Little Stick 4" 

The Filthy Little Stick is perfect for those more  finesse presentations. It is the same profile as the Big Stick. Salt Coffee

Color "Dirty Mustache" 

Filthyfishermen Bait Co 

The Filthy Punch 3.75" 

The Filthy Punch is a flipping lure. Coffee. Saltless. 8 per pk Color: "OK Craw"  

The Filthy Swim 3.5" 

​The Filthy Swim is a swimbait. Prefect for swim jigs, jig head, chatterbaits, all sorts of presentations. Coffee Scent 10 pk Color Champaign. 

​Our Lures and Products 

The Filthy Ti Stick 4" 

The Filthy Ti Stick was tested and made right here on South Lake Champlain 4 miles up from Ticonderoga. Coffee Scent 10 pk Color "GreenPumpkin" 

The Big Stick 5.5"

The Big Stick is loaded with Famous Hawaiian Sea Salt and scented with Garlic! 10 per pk. Color "Pacific"